Monday, August 23, 2010

Cheap Chic Military

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Women's AE Military Hooded Cardigan, $50
2. dELiAs Harper Military Shirt, $40
3. Bongo Junior's Button Front Military Tunic, $16
4. Eyeshadow Military Button top, $22
5. Daytrip Military Fleece Jacket, $38
6. Mudd Crop Military Jacket, $40
7. Theater Box Jacket, $28
8. dELiAs Mallory Military Messenger, $30
9. Asymmetrical Military Vest, $49
10. Faux Leather Military Jacket, $23
11. Long Military Jacket with Belt, $30
12. Olive Drab - US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES Vintage Fatigue Shirt, $31
13. G by GUESS Elizabeth Military Dress, $50
14. slouchy military tote, $22
15. Women's Cropped Military Jacket, $40
16. Women's Military Skirt, $35
17. Military tee, $23
18. Vintage Military pull-over, $32
19. Studded Military Vest, $7
20. Women's Military Skirt, $35

If you really want an authentic piece, visit your local army/navy surplus store. I visited mine last Friday and found the best military jacket for only $30!!

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  1. i love the military tee. really sexy casual!

    Monica xx

  2. i like 12 and 18
    i love military, my mom says shes going to take me to the army surplus store soon to get some legit stuff

  3. Excellent picks! Love seeing such a budget-friendly selection.

  4. I love that you did a post on affordable military style. Everyone is saying cheap is chic this fall. Yayy frugalista fashion!


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