Friday, August 13, 2010

To The Max

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1. Maxi Slip Skirt, $80
2. Maxi skirt, $34
3. See by Chloe Cotton tiered maxi skirt, $107
4. Black Maxi Skirt, $25
5. Vanessa Bruno Crepe maxi skirt, $144
6. Black/grey stripe maxi skirt, $31
7. Basic Maxi Skirt. $36
8. ACNE Nelli Long Skirt, $435
9. Reiss Jenna Dark Khaki skirt, £79
10. Grey/Black Stripe Maxi Skirt, $31
11. Basic Maxi Skirt, $36
12. Multi ditsy maxi skirt, $39
13. Crinkle Tier Maxi Skirt, $40
14. Lorrie Jersey Maxi Skirt, £18.00
15. Womens Plus Slub-Knit Tiered Maxi Skirts, $20
16. Utility maxi skirt, $70
17. Sequin Maxi Skirt, £49.99
18. Striped Maxi Skirt, £19.99
19. Animal Printed Maxi Skirt, $39
20. Womens Crafted Maxi Skirt, $31

Is anyone else lusting over Maxi skirts like I am???

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  1. 4,7,10,11, and 14 are my favorites. i love the look of maxi skirts but i feel like im too short to pull them off!

  2. cute skirts
    number 9 is my favourite!
    i love maxi skirts but i dont think i could pull them off im way too short lol

  3. i really need to invest in a maxi! I'm just not sue i could pull it off! these all look so great! xxx

  4. i really want a maxi skirt long enough to convert into a dress as well. i really love the sequined skirt.
    Haute Californian

  5. 1, 11 & 18!! <3

    I love these kinda posts you do where you show different types of a certain look!
    keep it up there so great!

    and thanks for all the comments i appreciate it :) <3

    Monica xx

  6. YES!! Totally lusting after one! I was actually just telling my friend that today - how i really, really want a maxi skirt. I did get a black maxi dress, which I'm kinda excited about :)

    Have a great weekend!



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