Friday, August 6, 2010

Who Would've Thought???

Hey dolls! :D Happy Friday! I just got back from the gym and I'm doing a quick post for ya'll before I head out vintage/thrift shopping...I cannot wait. I swear, I could vintage/thrift shop everyday and never get sick of it. It's like a treasure hunt! :)
Some of you may wonder what the title of this post means... well, this dress I'm wearing happens to be an old grandma/mumu-esque dress that I purchased at a vintage shop in college. I took it to an alterations shop, had them hem it up, I added a belt...and voila! A cute dress! I really love the bold colors and the flower print... and it's definitely something I can wear in the summer or into the fall...just add tights/leggings...even boots!
It's one of the first vintage pieces I ever purchased, yet I've only worn it 4 or 5 times. Every time I put it on, it makes me smile. I really love how vintage clothing brings back memories...not only memories of when you've worn them, but also of who the clothing might have been worn by...and when. Anyways, I'm going to stop rambling and start my day! Hope everyone has a grand 'ol day! Don't forget to enter my giveaway (ends next Tuesday), enter HERE! :D

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dress, vintage
belt, vintage
OTK socks, ebay
t-strap clogs, NastyGal
bag, TJMaxx
fox tail, etsy
emerald stud earrings, Sorrelli
rings, vintage, House of Harlow, & ebay

&& Here's the ring I was telling you about in a few posts back...I really love it :D

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sterling silver claws ring, ebay



  1. That dress is so cute on you! I never thought to shorten a mumu, great idea!
    I like those clogs too. :)

  2. I adore the bright colored print! Lovely

  3. Love this look. I wish I could pull off knee high socks. Have a great day.


  4. Love the socks and heels look! And your dress is so gorgeous!

  5. the dress is soo cute, i would have never guessed it was a muu muu haha!
    Haute Californian

  6. Anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like Robin Wright Penn? You two could be sisters!

  7. Amazing what you can find thrifting! And you're right, it is like a treasure hunt! I'm now following, love your blog!

  8. Very lovely and cute!! Can't wait to see your vintage/thrift finds! And that ring is awesome!

    <3 Kelly

  9. really like the clogs/socks combo!

  10. that's an amazing ring! and i love the foxtail it's such a nice touch. is it real by any chance? i love your blog! subscribe to mine if you get a chance i'd love your feedback :)

  11. this is really awesome sweetie even though i am not a huge fan of red colour in general.
    however i think that red is always good for blondes!


  12. Superrr cute! Love the dress (so creatively transformed!), and I’m a huge fan of thigh-high socks too..with clogs? genius. And you look so pretty with your hair in a bun, it accentuates your cheekbones and strong jaw. I’m following you, stop by my blog and tell me what you think!



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