Monday, December 6, 2010

Cheap Chic Coats...

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*I recently received a request from a lovely reader, that I do a post on cheap winter coats under $100... here is what I've found :)

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1.) Long Sleeve Double Breasted Military Jacket with Dome Buttons, $40
2.) Full Tilt Fleece Trench Womens Hooded Jacket, $40
3.) Women's AE Classic Trench, $79.50
4.) Grey stripe jersey blazer, $36
5.) Gray coat, $40
6.) Say What?® Double-Breasted Military Wool Trench Coat, $29
7.) Double Breasted Houndstooth Peacoat, $30
8.) Solid Ribbed Wool Military Coat, $45
9.) Plaid Double Breasted Wool Peacoat with Fur Hood, $35
10.) Plaid Button-Front Peacoat, $20
11.) Symbol DB Coat, $48
12.) Knitted Camel Tipped Epaulette Cape, $90
13.) Winter Cropped Jacket by Love, $80
14.) Teal hooded pea coat, $70
15.) Stone Fur Hood Duffle Jacket, $86
16.) Ruffle Funnel Coat Trench, $78
17.) Black Cropped Buckle Aviator Jacket, $55
18.) Shana Boohoo Pink Faux Mink Coat, $94
19.) london stroll trench coat by CLuce, $70
20.) First Brass Coat, $80
21.) Harbor Your Style Coat, $85
22.) Precis Petite Moleskin Short Coat in fushia, $77
23.) Oval contrast jersey coat, $81
24.) BKE Plaid Coat, $85

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  1. I'm addicted to coats 5 and 22 are my favs!

    BTW I'm hosting a giveaway:


  2. Great post! I love #23, so fun & girly ;)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  3. Oooh *drools* So many gorgeous coats!! But I don't need any more...haha XD Sad

  4. #1 and #6 r my favorites.

  5. I love number 4!!!


  6. Hey,
    I tried to find #5 on the site to buy it but I don't know where to look since it is all in a different language.
    Could you help me out, please?


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