Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Hot.

red bow-tie blouse, vintage
jeans, Joe's
belt, vintage YSL
flats, Tory Burch
bag, vintage Gucci
watch, Michael Kors

Happy Hump Day! :D Today I decided to break out another old vintage piece of mine, my red-hot bow-tie blouse. Bow-tie blouses are so IN and so fun to wear.. if you don't already own one, you must hit your thrift shops and find one for yourself {I own quite a few!!}. Yes, they have them online at shops like UO and Topshop... but my fave bow-tie blouses that I own were purchased for next to nothing at a thrift shop. If you're not feeling the bow, you can actually just tie a small knot and let the ties just hang in front. Don't feel brave enough to sport a bright color like I am? Go for a more subtle hue such as a neutral like white or beige and just have fun with it!


  1. I love tie neck blouses and the red of this one is stunning!

  2. Sooo cute! I need to get me one of those...haha...I've been meaning to stop at Good Will...maybe on Friday after work if its not icky

  3. This color is AMAZING! Absolutely love it! (And I'm a HUGE fan of tie neck tops!)

  4. I must admit my closet is stocked (way too full) with tie blouses. I am obsessed. This is such a sweet and simply chic look. You are so gorgeous, Jen!

    xox, Dev

  5. what amazing vintage piece!i adore the color!!:)

  6. really loving your blog... am following!

    Would love you to enter my giveaway:


  7. I know I've said this before, but you have an amazing collection of vintage clothes! Also, I can't believe how good you look in skinny jeans! Gorgeous!

  8. I ADORE this look! I love the red and black together. :)

    xo, gina

  9. nice photos! great styling! lovely shoes! beautiful girl! chic ensemble!

  10. Great outfit. I love the red and black combo. And those Tory Burch flats are awesome.


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