Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vintage Chloé Shirt.

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vintage silk shirt, Chloé
cut-off jean shorts, Levi's
vintage red shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo
DIY turban, silk vintage scarf
leather belt, vintage
bag, Michael Kors "Hamilton" in "Luggage"
watch, Michael Kors
cross necklace & bracelets, vintage
ring, YSL

Hey ya'll... I hope everyone's weekend has been great. Really not looking forward to heading back to work on Tuesday, but at least I have today and Monday left :)
This shirt was a recent vintage find at a thrift store. Actually, I really need to give credit to my lovely husband for this find. Occasional he goes thrifting with me, and when he does he always seems to find the best stuff! He's my lucky gem. I loved this shirt because the print was so unique, and the colors really compliment eachother. When I looked at the tag, I was definitely surprised. It's crazy what some people will just throw out, isn't it? I'm glad they do though, because this shirt only cost me $3!! And my vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes cost me a mere $3 as well. They are a little worn in, but they're super comfy and I love the red color. I always seem to find SF shoes that are in every size except mine, so I was stoked to finally come across a size 10 [yes, I have HUGE feet, but I suppose my 5'10 self would look silly in a size 7 huh?].

How do you like my DIY turban? It's the second time I've done this, and it's the perfect solution to a blah hair day. It's also a great way to use your vintage scarfs that are lying around and don't get much use. How do you feel about the turban? Have you done it? Will you try it out?



  1. I like your turban! Not sure I could pull it off, but it looks good on you. And I seriously am amazed at the thrift deals you find. I need to go shopping with you! I love the color of the SF shoes.

  2. that blouse looks gorgeous! and your hair looks lovely in that turban (:

  3. Thanks for your comment.
    I can't believe someone gave that shirt away, what a great find.

  4. You have no idea how jealous I am that you are wearing shorts! Its freezing in England!
    Beautiful shirt, its such lovely colours! I can;t believe you got Chloe for $3, mental!
    Thanks for the comment :)

  5. its not something i've tried but the turban looks really good on you - and i love the shirt too, what a bargain! x

  6. Great look, and I want that ring so badly!!

  7. Wow love that top, sooo gorgeous :D GREAT deal on the top and shoes :D
    And I love the turban!

  8. I don't know how to do the turban!
    You look fab as always! Seriously you're gorgeous!


  9. perfectly worn!

  10. I just love vintage! The chloe shirt is darling, I love the colors.

    Hope you had a fab New Years. Much happiness in 2011

  11. Love your outfit, those pops of red are fabulous!

  12. your outfit is amazing! I am using this as inspiration for when it gets warmer over here!

  13. Super cool outfit!! Love your blog! Now a follower :)

    Please check out mine if you have time!!


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