Friday, April 22, 2011

1st Q&A Post: Ask Me Anything!


Hey dolls! I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary with my blog and I thought what a better way to celebrate that anniversary then to do a Q&A post. I have yet to do one on the blog thus far, and I get questions here and there so I figured one post dedicated to asking me questions was perfect. Ask me fashion-related questions, hobby-related, if you would like my opinion on something, or anything you'd like to know about ME! I'm eager to see what ya'll will ask me, so ASK AWAY! Post your questions in a comment on this post and I will gather them up in a week or two and answer them all in one or two posts (depending on how many I receive!). Happy Friday! :D Xo
{p.s. please do not ask any inappropriate questions because I will just delete them and they will not be answered, thank you!}


  1. congrats on your one year blogging! love these type of posts, infact i'm doing one as well!!

    I'm asking you some questions, would you do the same on my blog?

    Ok, so here we go:
    - who is your fashion icon? I mean who is your favourite artist you love most when it comes to fashion?

    - what is your proudest possession?

    - what type of music do you like to listen most?

    - what do you love/hate most about yourself?

    hope to hear from you soon,
    jos xx

  2. Hey, what a great idea. I'm such a big fan of your blog and your style is always immaculate.
    My question is, was there a pivotal moment when you woke up one day with tonnes of followers, or was it a gradual thing. And also was there something you did differently, or any advice you can give to your readers that might help their exposure.
    My guess is that it came naturally because your blog is so awesome, but I'm so interested to know your thoughts.xox Nicole

  3. Congratulations on your 1 yr. anniversary. I had a question pertaining to the layout of your blog: I use blogger as well and would like to get rid of the borders, how did you get rid of yours?? I've been trying to figure it out and have become so frustrated, if you could supply me with a simple step by step break down it would be greatly appreciated. my email is:

  4. Hi there! Great anniversary post idea :) My question is what do you do to stay so fit? Do you have a specific workout routine. Also, what has been the biggest reward of blogging for you personally?

  5. I am from the Tampa Bay area as well! Besides MisRed outfitters, whom i love, what other thrift stores or vintage boutiques do you shop at around the area? thanks!!

  6. Congrats on ONE YEAR girlie...just celebrated mine a few weeks back and it's so rewarding to see all you have done over the past year.

    Wonder what you do for a 9-5? Are you in fashion?
    How did you get into thrifting?
    ok that was three questions...oops

  7. Congratulation on your one year of blogging.
    1) How did you get sponsors?
    2) What camera do you use?
    3) How tall are you?
    4) Are you in the fashion industry?

  8. If it's o.k, I'd like to ask another question... I'd love to know what you do for work (if it's not too personal). I'm hoping you're a stylist or buyer of some sort, because you are ridiculously good at putting outfits together, you should be getting paid for it!! xox Nicole


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