Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photos from The Bloggers Unite Event & 600 Block Afterdark Fashion show!

misred entranceuse
The fabulous Misred Outfitters shop!
{Check out the Fb page HERE!}

blogger posteruse
All the great bloggers that came out for the event! :)

pics (30)use
Yummy vegan cupcakes {who knew vegan tasted SO GOOD?!}

pics (44)use
Delicious Margarita punch & bean dip from Forever The Hostess.

pics (42)use
Me! Enjoying a yummy peanut butter & chocolate vegan cupcake!

pics (29)use
Marybeth from Jade and Willow, Priscilla from Rush Our Fashion, and Me!

pics (35)use
Me, Priscilla from Rush Our Fashion, Laura from Artfully Artista, and Marybeth from Jade and Willow.

pics (46)use
Natalie from Forever The Hostess and Me!

pics (52)use
Marybeth & Diane from Jade and Willow and Me!

pics (54)use
A really cool Chinese Dragon parade outside the shop!

pics (57)use
Andrea from Window Shopping Diva, Laura from Artfully Artista, Samantha from Samantha's Garments, Me, and Marybeth from Jade and Willow!

pics (72)use
Me & my lovely friend Sara {Owner of Misred Oufitters}!

pics (79)use
From the top left: Annelis & Kristen from Bon Bon Rose Girls, Laura from Artfully Artista, Me, Priscilla from Rush Our Fashion, Rachel from Eugenia Woods. From the bottom left: Diane and Marybeth from Jade and Willow, Andrea from Window Shopping Diva, Natalie from Forever The Hostess, Rebekah from Eugenia Woods, and Samantha from Samantha's Garments!

pics (81)use
How fun is our nail polish? We just had to take a pic!

pics (102)use
One of the sexy burlesque dancers before the fashion show!

& Some of my fave looks from the fashion show:

pics (119)use

pics (121)use
Seriously my fave guy look, how ah-some is this?? LOVE the american flag around the neck.

pics (122)use

And Misred's ah-some looks:

pics (128)use

pics (129)use

pics (130)use

pics (138)use

All in all it was a FABULOUS night! I had such a great time getting to know local bloggers and I'm already looking forward to the next event! The fashion show was the icing on the cake! THANK YOU SO MUCH if you came to the event and a HUGE thanks to my girl Sara at Misred Outfitters and all the other shops/boutiques on the 600 block that sponsored the event! :)

Last but not least, check out this rad video of the fashion show! Enjoy!

The 600 Block: After Dark Fashion Show 2011 from Ryan Zarra on Vimeo.


  1. Lovely post! I miss those cupcakes!


  2. Such a fabulous event and beautiful pictures!

    I want a replay of it!

  3. Looks like a great show!

  4. It was such an awesome night!!! Good food, good friends and fabulous fun! =)

  5. Looks like a great event doll, love the red dress :)

    Xoxo-Kelli K

  6. You look absolutely stunning! What a fun your ring!
    xo Cara

  7. This looks like so much fun! And you look gorgeous, honey! Fab dress!


    November Grey
    Secondhand Star

  8. looks like so much fun!! Love the shot of all of your colorful nails! xo

  9. First things FIRST love love love your red maxi....gorgeous!
    What a fabulous get together/fashion show/event...etc!!! Us New Jersey bloggers need to get on the ball....


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