Friday, June 3, 2011

Bid to Win These Vintage YSL Pants!

Hey loves! Remember these ridiculously ah-mazing vintage YSL pants my gf was sweet of enough to let me borrow for the blog? {see my post with them HERE} Well they can be yours!




Just head on over to her e-bay listing and make a bid! The listing will run until Sunday evening, the 12th of June at 10:00 PM eastern time. Don't miss out on an unbelievable vintage piece! P.S. The bidding is currently at $19.00 and there is NO RESERVE! Go win them and rock them out on your blog, then send me a link so I can see how great they look on you!


  1. those are ridonculous. that's a word i like to reserve for things that blow my mind. amazing.

  2. Sorry for the late darling, but my pc was completely off!
    But now i'm back to tell you are amazing!! I love this outfit, i love the coral tee and i love the ysl pants!
    it's a perfect look for summer!
    Kisses from milan, gaia


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