Monday, July 4, 2011

The Chain Gang/Vintage Swap & Giveaway!


Hey lovelies! It's time for yet another "Vintage Swap" between me and some of my fave bloggers. Perhaps you're familiar with our previous vintage swaps HERE & HERE? If not, the Vintage Swap was an idea Tanya came up with {and an ah-some idea at that}. Basically one of us finds a vintage piece and we both take turns styling and photographing the piece. We keep our styling a secret, and we don't let one another see how we've styled the piece until we debut it on our blogs. We also give up the item to our readers in a giveaway, so they have a chance to get creative and bring vintage into their own wardrobe! It's our way of sharing our passion for vintage clothing with the rest of the world. Our goal is to have our collaborations/swaps grow and bring more bloggers into the mix! This time Tanya and I decided it would be fun to invite two other bloggers to join our swap: Noa from the blog Secondhand Star, and Devon from the blog Devon Rachel! These two gorgeous gals have a love for vintage (but of course!) and both bring a unique sense of style to the Chain Gang. If you aren't already following them, you need to get on it because they will surely inspire you!

This time Noa picked the item and I couldn't wait to see how we all would style these chic pants! The color, the cut, the fabric... so unique and so many possibilities!

I chose to go a little un-expected chic by pairing the pants with a sports bra versus a top. I have been eager to try out the sports bra look after seeing multiple bloggers such as Hanneli and The Haute Pursuit do it so well. I chose to pair the pants with neutral colors... black, white, and nude.

These pants rock! They can be rolled at the ankles or worn straight. You can show off the high-waist like Tanya did by tucking in a lovely top, or belt a tunic or longer blouse with a cool print like Devon and Noa did. We styled these pants four different ways to show you the versatility of the item and also to prove how visiting your local thrift or vintage shop can result in you finding a fabulous piece that you normally wouldn't pick up while shopping at your local department stores. Thrift shopping can help you save money and also break you out of your comfort zone by helping you see the potential in a piece you normally wouldn't think twice about.

I hope our swaps will inspire all of you to visit your local thrift or vintage shops and find a fun piece or two to experiment with. Remember, fashion should be fun and shouldn't be taken so seriously! Be creative and don't be afraid to try something new. If you feel inspired by a look you see on a fashion blog or in a magazine, try duplicating it... that is one way to experiment and get your creative juices flowing.

Here's how I styled these pants:








{pants: vintage/thrifted; heels: LC for Kohls; blazer: Express; sports bra: random; necklace: vintage}

This is the third swap Tanya and I have done and I can't get enough of 'em! It's so much fun to see how creative our minds are when it comes to fashion! I love that we've decided to invite other bloggers and we are going to invite more to keep the chain going! It's our way to share our love for vintage clothing and inspire others out there to give vintage at shot.

If you love these pants as much as we do, head on over to Devon's blog and enter for your chance to win them! We cannot wait to see how the winner styles them, so don't forget to send us a photo if yourself wearing the pants if you win them! :)

P.S. Happy Fourth of July my lovely readers! I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday weekend! xo!!


  1. You look GORGEOUS!!! I think you're my fave!!! xx

  2. Love how you styled this look! You're totally right on though, piecing them together in ways I never would have imagined...the cropped combo with your sports bra is so high fashion!! Not sure I'm brave enough to yet rock that look but now I'm inspired :). Beautiful babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. That could be the greatest idea of all time! The pants are so cute, and all the different styles are lovely. I'm very happy I found your blog off of the fashion worshipper. All your posts are so beautiful and well written. I've followed you! Please, I would die of happiness if you checked out my blog. It is just getting started! If not, no worries since I am already following you!


  4. so cute your style i love your pants.

  5. Wow, those are amazing pants, and I LOVE the way you styled them, my favorite by far. The cropped top and the white blazer just make those pants stand out, you look smokin'!!
    Loving the heels too, perfect choice.
    xo Cara

  6. You Look AMAZING! I love this look on you, those pants are fantastic...especially with those heels :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  7. Look golden there! Here in Brazil, this trend is coming slowly, brazilian women are often slow to join this trend. This look was very well prepared, with the heat that is there has been very well chosen black top with white blazer. You are beautiful! Congratulations!
    Kisses ~.~
    Flávia Cruz

  8. You bring such a clean minimal look to this pant! I love the sportiness of the bra contrasted with the formality of the dupioni silk! This challenge is so fun! Really enjoying it... following you!

  9. What a great minimal look! Loving the gold pants and how you paired it with a blazer and bra, so D&G 90's (AKA fabulous!).

    hope you had a great fourth! Saint Pete's fireworks were great!! (so much better than here in TPA!)

  10. fierce outfit hunny, I like how you styled it best! I saw those shoes at Kohls the other day- are they comfy?

    xo Carlina


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