Monday, September 26, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market - Part I

DSC05142 (1)
Loved my girl Claire's accessories

Chunky ornate earrings? Yes please!

DSC05143 (1)

DSC05145 (1)
Vintage bag heaven!

DSC05146 (1)
Bright. Colorful. Fringe. Aztec. LOVE.

DSC05155 (1)
Check out these gorg vintage clip-on's Claire tried on!

DSC05151 (1)
I spy vintage YSL denim!

DSC05149 (1)
I'll take it all!

DSC05148 (1)
Every. Single. Piece!

DSC05154 (1)

DSC05159 (1)
Jessie from & me! :]

DSC05152 (1)
I could find some awesome ways to display these around my house!

DSC05161 (1)

DSC05160 (1)
Claire & I... love this girl!

DSC05147 (1)
In love with this arm cuff!

DSC05150 (1)
The chunkier the jewelry, the better in my book! :)

DSC05158 (1)

DSC05153 (1)

DSC05163 (1)
I had to try on this massive choker! So awesome!

DSC05162 (1)
Vintage brooches galore!!


  1. Lovely photos! That aztec bag looks amazing.

  2. What a lovely post! I could seriously spend so much money at this place!!
    xoxo Jess

  3. de magnifiques photos, et les bijoux sont vraiment très beaux

  4. I love flea markets and especially vintage jewelry. Hope you got some great finds!

  5. Looks like heaven for you doll, great photos :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  6. i'll take the choker and the arm band. holy crap. this was fantastic.

  7. I love flea markets! And garage sales! That's what I miss about USA... :( X

  8. Such amazing photos, so many cool things!! Love that snake cuff and the YSL vintage jeans...I am sure you came home with an armload of awesome goodies!
    xo Cara

  9. looks so fun! i am totally craving a trip to the flea market!

  10. I LOVE how a simple display of vintage brooches on any old ratty shirt becomes such a focal point! This is brilliant! I'm totally going to steal this idea for my own wardrobe! Also makes sifting through my lot easy breezy!

    Thanks for the awesome coverage Jen!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. This place looks like heaven for my eyes and trouble for my wallet!!!

  12. Amazing stuff. I so love vintage. Wish I could attend that Flea Market


  13. Claire's blue eyes are gorgeous! wish i could have made it out that way!

  14. Whereas this fabulous place in Brooklyn? Next time I am in NYC I simply must go! You must be broke!

    Xo vic

  15. omg how stoked were you to be there?! ahh! awesome-ness everywhere! xx

  16. oh my goodness...what amazing finds!! That choker is so gorge! I hope you bought it! lol. xoxo

  17. Tell me someone walked away with that Aztec looking bag and snake cuff! Gorgeous!

  18. Cute handbags! I'm such a fan of flea markets. I might have bought those cool YSL jeans! Went to a flea market on Sunday, and I'm so excited to share my finds/photos this week.

  19. horns, antlers, and snake arm cuff- yes please, I'll take one of each as well!

    xo Carlina

  20. Oh what gorgeous treasures!!!! LOVE THEM
    ALL :)


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