Monday, September 19, 2011


DSC05102 (1)
This guy instantly caught my attention. I swear, the guys really gave the girls a run for their money!

DSC05103 (1)
Are these a mix between an oxford and a tennis shoe? I don't know, but I'm diggin 'em!

DSC05104 (1)
The absolutely fabulous Leandra Medine from the ever-so-popular blog The Man Repeller. Love those pants and sunnies!

DSC05105 (1)
Photographer for Elle. His Longchamp bag had me drooling... it was so cool!

DSC05109 (1)
Kelsy Panicco. She is stunning and I was swooning over her Escada vest. In-sane. She was my fave! It's amazing what the swipe of an orange lipstick can do to your look!

DSC05108 (1)
I want need her Escada vest!

DSC05107 (1)

DSC05111 (1)
The lovely Dylana Suarez and Bonnie Barton from the blogs: Color Me Nana and Flashes of Style. It was such a pleasure to meet them. They were incredibly sweet and are even more gorg in person!

DSC05112 (1)

DSC05113 (1)

Now on to the beautiful sheer fabrics that I couldn't get enough of...

DSC05116 (1)

DSC05117 (1)

DSC05132 (1)

DSC05130 (1)

DSC05129 (1)

DSC05124 (1)
The beautiful Aimee Song and Nadia Sarwar from the blogs: Song of Style and Frou Frouu.

DSC05125 (1)
I was ob-sessed over Aimee's pants. They are so awesome!

DSC05118 (1)
Loved them! He makes me want a leatterman jacket even more than I already did!

DSC05122 (1)
Loved her color combo, and her hair was so beautiful with her bright red lip!

DSC05121 (1)
So unusual... but I like it!

DSC05120 (1)
His beaded vest was beautiful!

DSC05135 (1)
I am such a fan of Kelly Rutherford. If you watch Gossip Girl then you know she plays Lily van der Woodsen (Blake Lively's mother). She is so chic on the show, and even more so in person. She's just flawless. I just wish I would've captured a better photo of her.

DSC05136 (1)


  1. Absolutely amazing photos and thanks for sharing the photos for us bloggers who would have loved to be there!!


  2. Jen you got some absolutely amazing and inspiring shots!! And of course you are stunning as always! xo

  3. AH! Jen these photos are fantastic! What an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by such fabulous fashion! So gorgeous as always.

    xo, Devon

  4. I love the 2dn one.
    I like this post like this nail polish. I hope you can check out mine and if you like follow me.

  5. Awesome street style shots girly!! And i am drooling over: your heels, Dylana's skirt and Aimee's top with those cutouts!

  6. OMG, I LOVE Dylana! So funny, I recently emailed her to see if she wanted to be a part of our chain gang swap. These pix are fab. xx

  7. You and Dree with the fabulous street style shots...Love! And that red hot chiffon number is incredible!

  8. aimee is my faaaave!! you got such good shots of so many people.x

  9. AMAZING photos doll, lucky you for seeing all those fab outfits :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  10. WoW!!! Your photos are insane, love all of the colors and fabrics...It is wonderful that you met and captured photos of so many amazing people...great post Jen, I loved looking through all of your shots!
    xo Cara

  11. very cool lady, you got all the blog celebs and then some!

    xo Carlina

  12. I saw Frou Frouu in London a couple of days ago and my friend made some wonderful photos of her! :)

    You look great! X

  13. Stunning pictures. I love that you took so many street photos. I am in love with that orange lipstick. I must buy it.

  14. Yayyyy!! I saw the pic of me! Thanks for posting! I'm the girl with the green striped shirt with yellow shorts and red flower! :)


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