Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red Cords.

DSC06167 (1)

DSC06162 (1)

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DSC06165 (1)

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DSC06168 (1)
{shirt: F21; shorts: F21 (similar style HERE); shoes: Ash (still being sold HERE); bag: Michael Kors; jewelry: F21}

Love me some cords in the fall... especially in awesome colors! Love the red hue in these shorts... and yes, I can still wear shorts in FL because we are having indian summers.... hopefully the weather will get cooler soon because I want to break out my sweaters so badly!! Yay for today being my final day of work before the Thanksgiving holiday... so ready to relax and see the family. Road trip tomorrow!

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  1. I'm totally jealous of your weather! it's finally getting cold(er) in Croatia and i miss fall temperatures already :) Looking gorgeous as always! the shirt and the shoes are to die for :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. You look fantastic, Jen! It's hard for me to imagine wearing shorts right now! It's freezing here. But you totally rocked them, girl! Loving the shirt too.

    Xo, Devon

  3. ahhh jennifer. i can't. this is amazing! please god tell me you bought that shirt recently, because i NEED TO HAVE IT!!!!! you look perfect :)

  4. ahhh, i remember shopping for this outfit with you. love it, especially with those rockin' sandals. when is the next cold front coming in, i ask??

  5. loving the top.

    CHeck out my blogging secret santa and participate. Would love to have you

  6. Love this top! And the shoes!

    xo Ashleigh


  7. Love your look and such a good find on those F21 shorts!

  8. I love the cords and the color - you look very cute here - and I am jealous that I dont have the nice weather that you do - but I dont know that My hair could handle it. you do pretty great for FL weather.

  9. LOVE!! the cutout shoulders on that top are fab, and so are those shorts!!! love how you accessorized this too!

  10. Look at you in your shorts, I think I may have to just move to Florida!!
    You look absolutely stunning, those bright red shorts are fantastic and the cut out top is perfect with them...and of course I love love love those shoes!
    Have a wonderful warm Tuesday!
    xo Cara

  11. I love your jeans blouse! It totally stands out!

  12. i love this outfit!!
    Those shoes are amazing!!


  13. Adorable! I think you beat us out for warm climates. This time of year in LA, I'll be taking your inspiring blog and throwing on a dupe with some cotton tights... Lovely as always!

  14. I love everything about this outfit! That top is so cute! Did it come like that with the cutout shoulders? You are so cute!

  15. We would trade anything for an Indian summer over here. It is so miserable out. At least this post is making us feel warm and transported us to where you are for a split second. Love this easy peasy outfit. Super cutie!!


  16. You're so lucky to be able to wear shorts! It's finally starting to cool down in California, and we had some rain. Love the red and blue together! Enjoy your road tip, and have fun!

  17. Wow, looking gorgeous Jen! Love the color of those shorts! I'm sure you have lots of readers that are jealous of the warm FL weather! I totally get it though...I can't wait to bust out my knits too! xo www.casualglamorous.com

  18. your outfit makes me want summer again! I love the denim top cutouts

  19. Love this & congrats again!


  20. That shirt is beautiful! I past it up the first time I saw it and now I want it! Loveee your outfit <3


  21. So jealous that you can wear shorts right now! We had an Indian summer, but that's allll gone now and I'm piling on the layers. You look beautiful, as usual!

  22. Love the colours in this outfit. You look lovely:) Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Libby x



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