Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Product Review: Anastasia of Beverly Hills Beauty Express & Lash Genius!

I recently received these two beauty products to review from Anastasia of Beverly Hills. The first is the Beauty Express -- Eye & Brow Kit, and the second is the Lash Genius - waterproof topcoat. I was excited to try both because 1.) I'm always on the hunt for a great eye brow pencil, so a kit really sounded like the answer to all my eye-brow woes -and- 2.) I was intrigued by the waterproof topcoat, as I've only tried waterproof mascara. A topcoat?? Hmmm...

DSC07835 (1)
First I lined my eyes with my go-to eyeliner: Almay intense i-color eye liner in Purple Amethyst. It really brings the green out in my eyes, and is a great day pencil because it's actually pretty subtle. Also, you can see my brows really aren't maintained as well as some {don't judge ;) ha}. I do tweeze them often, but I don't wax (I'm always afraid of getting them waxed -- too many bad experiences). I do prefer a thicker, more natural brow versus a pencil thin perfect brow. Perhaps it's my obsession with the Olsen twins or Bambi Northwood Blyth?? My brows don't have the shape I would really want them to have, but I've been fairly pleased with the pencils I've used. This brow kit really looks like the answers to my prayers though. It contains brow wax cream, brow powder (for color), highlighter, and a brush and stencils for that ideal arch.

DSC07836 (1)
DSC07837 (1)
I went with the Medium Arch. Some of you may think it sounds silly to place an actual stencil on your face to achieve your ideal arch/brow, but let me tell you that it's incredibly easy and fool proof. If it works, who cares if you feel silly doing it??!

DSC07838 (1)
First I used the brush to apply wax cream to help the brow powder adhere. The wax helps to set your brows and keep them in place all day.

DSC07841 (1)

DSC07842 (1)
DSC07845 (1)
Then I selected the brow powder, placed the stencil on my brow, and just used the brush to fill in the stencil.

DSC07847 (1)
Then I removed the stencil, and tweezed random hairs that were outside the powdered area.

DSC07851 (1)
My fave part! I applied the shadow (highlighter)on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes.
DSC07853 (1)

DSC07855 (1)

Now on to the lashes!! First step: curl them!
DSC07850 (1)

And then apply mascara (I recently started using Rimmel London's Volume Flash Scandaleyes).

DSC07856 (1)

Now it's time for Anastasia of Beverly Hills Lash Genius.

DSC07857 (1)

Just apply a couple coats over lashes, just as you would with any other mascara.
DSC07858 (1)

And voila! End results:
DSC07859 (1)
DSC07874 (1)

DSC07877 (1)
DSC07879 (1)
DSC07880 (1)

My opinion of the two Anastasia of Beverly Hills products: I love how the Beauty Express -- Eye & Brow Kit is a step-by-step process, and it's super easy! I was skeptical when I saw the stencils, but they really do help you achieve your ideal arch. It also helps you fill in every part of your brow with color. Sometimes we neglect the tail end of our brows. The wax really did help maintain the shape and the color of the brows the entire day of wear, and it washed off easily with soap and water. I'm definitely a fan. As for the Lash Genius, I'm quite smitten and also suprised of how much I loved this product. I really contemplated why anyone would need a water proof top coat, when you could just buy a waterproof mascara. But let me tell you that this product is SO much better than the average waterproof mascara. I've tried cheap and expensive waterproof mascaras and they always leave my eye lashes looking clumpy, and stiff to the touch. Lash Genius not only kept my existing mascara waterproof, but also made my lashes appear longer, separated, more full -- and SUPER soft! It didn't clump or dry my lashes at all. I couldn't stop touching them throughout the day! They even kept their curled look the entire day, which happily suprised me. It's colorless and it's hypoallergenic. If you are looking for a mascara that will instantly waterproof your existing, or if you want a mascara that will refresh your eye lashes then you definitely need to try this out! It's available May 2012, so bookmark Anastasia of Beverly Hills and snag it when it comes out!


  1. wow...I am super impressed with both products!! Your brows look professionally done and your eyelashes just go on forever...great products, thank you for sharing Jen!
    xo Cara

  2. Great review, well done. I also really like their creamy, yellow and pink eye pencils that you can use to highlight brow bone and inner eye areas. Great pics too!

  3. Very informative review, and I also like the pictures that go with it!

  4. I'm like you... I like the fuller brows. But I do think that sometimes there are areas that look a little sparse. I've never used a brow kit before and that one seems really fool proof. I'll have to look into it. And your lashes look miles long! So thick and pretty. Great product review! <3


  5. Girl, I feel ya! My brows are so thin and I swear by Anastasia products! I've been using their brows pencils and gel for a while and love love it!
    Xo, Alexandra


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