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{Interview With K A S New York}

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How long have you been designing clothes?
I launched KAS New York in 2007 prior to that I was designing for others.

What made you want to become a fashion designer?
My mother, Sabby Anand, she is a self taught and living inspiration, everything I have learned is from here [sic], and anything that’s remaining I tell her she hasn’t taught me yet.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing your collections?
My inspirations are from my muse, all woman are so beautiful and it always amazes me that regardless of the light and color they are always so strong and bold.

The fashion industry is extremely competitive, what do you think separates KAS New York from other designers out there?
Having my figure [sic] on the pulse, she is ever changing and if you are not willing to adapt and learn from your mistakes your [sic] wont [sic] survive.

Who are your top three favorite fashion designers and why?
I appreciate everyone current and past, there are so many right answers, and as a student of the game I feel I can learn from everyone, Karl is the ultimate showman/presenter, Ralph is absolutely brilliant marketing magician turning a tie into a fashion empire and polo horse into iconic symbol of American fashion, Marc, Jacobs that is, an absolute machine creating more collections than some have silhouettes, for perseverance and self-belief everyone should look at the life of Yves Laurent, one of the game’s best ever, who had a massive fall after being hand picked by Christian Dior, and he didn't return to glory until many, many years later, and we shouldn't end this conversation without mentioning Coco Chanel’s entrepreneurship and tailoring off course.

What is your favorite piece in your Spring 2013 collection?
My Topaz Mini.

What type of woman do you envision wearing your pieces?
Everyone, the pieces are crafted to make women feel confident, and also let them enjoy their ride.

What are some of the top trends you see for Spring and Summer 2013?
Haha, its is so funny you ask this, bc [sic] I am now wearing my holiday / resort 2014 hat, I cant even think of S/S 2013, that’s the great thing about fashion its always changing and you are only as good or bad as your last season. But if you want to see trends from S/S make sure you stay on top of the KAS Trend Reports.

What do you think is going to be hot for Fall 2013?
Masculine influences, layering, tailoring, moto jackets, monochromatic b/w [sic] but with the color spectrum of cobalt.

What is your proudest fashion designing moment thus far?
There have been a [sic] many fun moment but, having Malia Obama wear KAS at the first Inauguration Concert definitely comes to mind.

In 2009 you created a capsule collection for kids, do you think you will ever branch out and design menswear?
One thing I learned is never say never in this industry.

Much of your collection involves bright colors, mix of textures, and great prints. Do your designs reflect your own personal style? What's your go-to day-to-day outfit?
Absolutely not, I am very simple, black shirt, Jeans [sic], and always a Red Turban.

I love your "3 F's!" "Having Fun, being Fashionable and not spending a Fortune!" How important is it for you to design clothing that is not only fashionable and on-trend, but easy on a woman's wallet?
Its [sic] what I started KAS New York with and each collection we keep true to the [sic] our core.

I love how versatile your pieces are! What are some of your style tips for styling some of your pieces from day to night?
Every woman has her own energy and my styles are to complement the woman. The same dress worn by an older woman with a sport coat, tights and heels for the sophisticated look, but when her daughter would wear it with our moto jacket, some fun accessories [sic] for an edgy feel.

Thanks so much to the entire KAS New York team for allowing me to style this gorgeous dress on my two recent posts: 1 Dress 4 Ways {Part 1: Dressy} & 1 Dress 4 Ways {Part 2: Casual}
And for the chance to interview such a talented designer, Kirat Anand!

Check out some of my fave KAS New York pieces!


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