Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{Brand Love: Novella Royale}


{1. Siren Print Maxi Dress, $195 Free People; 2. Lady Tangier Jumpsuit, $168 Free People; 3. Border Print Bell Bottoms, $148 Free People; 4. Lady Jumpsuit in Purple, $165 Shopbop & Revolve Clothing; 5. Siren Maxi Dress, $195 Revolve Clothing; 6. Lorelei Kimono in Midnight Chantilly, $265 Novella Royale; 7. Hyperion Mini Dress in Orange, $135 Revolve Clothing; 8. Venus Vest Midnight Chantilly, $225 Novella Royale; 9. Siren Maxi Dress in Black, $195 Revolve Clothing}

Seriously swooning over every. single. piece by Novella Royale. A boho dream, right? I know what's going on my Birthday and Christmas list this year.

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  1. OHHHHH my god. I keep seeing this stuff, but I didn't realize it was all one brand.

    YES TO THIS. Yes to everything here. These slit dresses, those bell bottoms. Please buy some & allow me to live vicariously through you


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