Friday, February 14, 2014

Courtney & Baby Leggings {Part 1} Valentine's Day

Court went exploring outside in her "Hearts" baby leggings.

Then it was time to push her dollies around in her toy stroller.

B R E A K T I M E!! Court took a load off in Mommy's vintage wicker chair (her Mooshka doll relaxed in her own chair as well). :)

And then it was time for a ride on her pony!!

H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E ' S   D A Y   Y ' A L L !!
The sweet folks over at Baby Leggings sent Court a package full of super cute baby leggings and the "Hearts" leggings were just too perfect for Valentine's Day, but of course! So yesterday we had a little photo shoot. :)
I love these little leggings on Courtney ... she looks so cute in them and they're so easy! Keeps her chunky legs nice and warm, and they are comfortable and functional for all her exploring! They have precious styles to choose from -- ruffles, shamrocks, chevron stripes, butterflies, and so many more!
Courtney will be styling some other fun Baby Leggings on the blog, so stay tuned for more posts! You might have already seen a sneak peak of our other photo shoot HERE!

P.S. Baby Leggings is so kind and wants to share the love with my lovely readers, so if you want to snag some Baby Leggings for your little one use code: BDCLeggings to receive 100% off 5 pairs of Baby Leggings and only pay shipping. Pretty sweet deal, eh? What's even better is that you can use it more than once by opening up a separate order on another tab.


  1. I swore by baby leggings for our peanut! They are so much easier for diaper changes and so much more cute!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Beyond adorable.

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend.

  3. Awww Court looks incredibly cute in these! I hope you had a great Valentine's day.


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