Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Courtney's #OOTD

{Outfit: Little Me c/o // Moccasins: The Coral Pear c/o // bow hair clips: H&M}

Dressing Courtney up each day is always so much fun for me. Sometimes I love her little outfits so much I wish they were in my size. We recently received the cutest little outfits from Little Me and the most precious little bow moccasins from The Coral Pear. This little outfit that Court is wearing has the most darling rose print. I love that it's 3 pieces too, because our weather has been sketchy lately and it's nice when I can dress her in layers that I can remove if the weather warms up. These moccasins are the perfect shoe for Courtney right now. She is walking faster than ever now (she's 15 1/2 months)and these stay on her feet and are light weight. I love the gold color! It's super fun and girly, and it matches with every outfit!
I feel beyond blessed to be able to stay at home with this sweet girl everyday. She's such a joy to my life and each day gets better and better. Now that I'm home with her full time, she's really starting to get attached to me and sometimes it can be a bit much (like if I leave the room she'll start crying now -- something she's never done before), but I have to admit it's really sweet when we cuddle in bed or sit on the couch and she puts her head on my chest or lap. She's such a sweetheart. Lately our fave activity is to go to the park and ride down the slide. She loves the big slide and isn't one bit afraid. She also really loves her Barbie DVD's (which melts my heart because I was such a Barbie fanatic -- still am), horses (especially when they 'neigh'), and playing in Mommy's makeup (yeah, I've lost a couple lipsticks as of late). She's constantly speaking, even though the majority of her words don't make sense. She says "Hi Kitty" (we have two cats) to everyone, which is quite funny, and "good girl" when speaking to our dog, Angel. One of my fave things that she says right now is, "Ohhh woowwwwwwww" and it's the cutest when she makes her mouth really round and enunciates the "w" so perfectly. That and "Maaamaaaaa" & "Mommmmmmmm" are pretty much my faves right now. :)


  1. beautiful and stylish baby girl!

  2. what an angel!!

    love love love :)

  3. Too cute!!


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