Friday, August 29, 2014

Court's New "Big Girl" Room

Court's big girl room is finally complete! So excited to share photos w/ y'all, as it's been a long process. Just want to warn y'all, there are quite a few photos, but I couldn't help myself!

I wish I would've taken more "before" photos (see at bottom of post) because let me tell y'all, this room was very "old" looking. The trim and closet doors were all brown wood. All of the furniture was either blue or brown. The walls had two layers of wallpaper -- what a task!
We went with a pastel pink and covered one wall with this really fun wallpaper by Graham & Brown. This wallpaper is so unique because you can really do whatever you want with it! You can have your kids paint or draw on it, it can be used as a mood board or for displaying art work, you can even fill every frame with pics, or you can fill the frames with different patterns, the list goes on! We decided to keep things rather simple for now and only fill the frames with some cute animals, a princess, a baby chick, and a fun colorful pennant garland c/o Boden! As time goes on I want to fill the frames with some of Court's art work and some pics of her and our family! I love how much the wallpaper popped. It really made for a nice accent wall and broke up the room a bit.
Some of the furniture was hand-me-down from my mom, while the majority of the pieces and shelving were from the thrift store. One of my fave thrift finds for her room was the old school golden books! They are so big and have moving parts! They're from the 1970's and you wouldn't believe how much I spent on 6 of them -- they were a steal!
For her dresser and night stand I wanted to make it really fun and so I decided to paint each drawer a different color. I picked bright colors so they would pop out from the white paint, and also because it went well with the bright hues in her bed spread. The majority of her furniture is white, but I decided to make a few of her shelves pop by using a gold glitter pen to draw polka-dots. Very time consuming and some of the dots aren't "perfect", but I kind of like how it's not so perfect. Gives it character.
Her "around the world dolls" were mine when I was little. It's so nice to pass on some of my cherished possessions to my daughter. I can't wait to pass on other items that I'm saving for her.
The white wicker toy chest is vintage and belonged to Courtney's great grandmother (Justin's grandma). Another piece we cherish. :)
The rocking chair and the baby doll cradle were thrifted pieces that my mother re-vamped. Too cute, huh?!
I have to say, even though this took days to complete (and at some points we wanted to pull our hair out -- I'm talking about you old layered on wallpaper), the overall result really made us smile -- and Court too! She seriously could not stop saying "oh wow" when she walked in, and that made us so happy. This is really our first real big project that we've done since moving in (other then the baby nursery that I will show later). It felt good to do it all ourselves and make it our own with special pieces -- old and new.
So, what do you think of Court's new big girl room?

Here are a couple "before" shots of her room:


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