Monday, August 18, 2014

Sun Protection Made Easy!


As I get older (this December I'll be turning 30 -- eeek) I'm more conscious of what I put on my skin and that includes sunscreen. I'm definitely guilty of wearing next to nothing in the past (SPF 5, I mean .. really?), but now I'm all about a sunscreen that delivers optimal protection from the sun (hey SPF 30 or even 50). I have combination skin that tends to break out, so it's always been tough for me to find a sunscreen that will deliver the protection I need, without the oily pore-clogging residue. That was until I had the pleasure of trying ColoreScience's Sunforgettable®Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 30. Ya'll, this is the best of both worlds! Luxury mineral sunscreen! I'm not one to put a face full of makeup on before heading to the beach or pool... BUT, if you had the ability to give your face a flawless finish AND protect yourself from the sun, wouldn't you be down? I certainly was.
Sunforgettable®Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 30 highly refined mineral sunscreen provides safe, non-irritating, UVA and UVB sun protection. The self-dispensing powder brush makes it easy to apply and re-apply throughout the day for continued coverage. It's water resistant for up to 80 minutes, is odor-free, does not rub off on clothing, is refillable, and is safe for all ages!
I went with the SPF 30 in medium. They also have SPF 50 available and all of these shades: fair, medium, tan, fair shimmer, medium shimmer, and tan shimmer.

To start, sweep the brush over your face in circular strokes to release the powder. The instructions advise to hold the brush at a 45 degree angle for best results.

Apply liberally over entire face.

I added some tinted SPF lip balm, a couple swipes of waterproof mascara, and filled in my eyebrows (a must!) and then I finished applying the rest of the product to my face. {Note: I did notice that the product comes out little by little, so you might feel like the product isn't coming out or covering your face -- but trust me, it is.}

I really loved the end result. It's subtle -- I still have a fresh face that doesn't look like I'm wearing a ton of makeup, which is ultimately what you want when you're headed to the beach or pool. Yet, I still felt that it covered my blemishes, dark spots, and red irritation, giving me a flawless finish.

Per the instructions, I re-apply for optimal coverage after a couple of hours in the sun.

{swimsuit: LimoLand c/o // beach bag: Hayden Reis c/o // sunglasses: Balmain c/o SmartBuyGlasses}

ColoreScience is having a deal on their Sunforgettable®Mineral Sunscreen Brushs right now! You can get one free Sunforgettable®Mineral Sunscreen Brush with the purchase of 3 -- plus free shipping! You can redeem this offer at checkout, when shopping on the ColoreScience website. Also, when you subscribe to Colorescience emails you can receive 15% off on your first order!
How to redeem the offer:
• Visit the Sunforgettable landing page
• Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email on the bottom right hand side
• You will receive an email confirmation with your promo code that you can use when purchasing your Sunforgettable product

Thanks to ColoreScience for sponsoring today's post!

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  1. It looks like a great produt!You look really pretty in bikini!


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