Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dr. Brandt Skincare

I've been doing a lot more beauty posts on my blog and I have to say it's been a nice new outlet to share with y'all. I've never been a big beauty product junkie (I buy the majority of my skincare and makeup products at the drug store), but since I've had the opportunity to branch out and try new products I'm slowly expanding my routine.
This is my final year in my 20's (my 30th bday is in December -- eeeek!) and I care about my skincare regime even more so now than I did when was in my teens and 20's. Though I wish I had cared more about it earlier in life, but it's better late than never, right?
I'm a girl who's always battled with acne (I've been on Accutane twice in my life). I've finally found products that work for me and have been able to control my breakouts (except for my current pregnancy that has caused hormonal acne -- ugh, the worst).
I've dabbled in masks and night creams here and there, but I only recently started using preventative skincare (for wrinkles, dark spots, etc.) for the past couple years, and I absolutely love it. I actually look forward to washing my face at night and treating my skin to new products, so when I had the opportunity to test out the Dr. Brandt Fx facial serums, I was totally game.

Dr. Brandt is a practicing celebrity dermatologist with over 30 years of experience. He is the founder of dr. brandt skincare® skincare and the leader of his Dermatology Associates in Miami and New York & his Dermatology Research Institute. dr. brandt skincare, along with his staff at DRI, run clinical trials for the FDA. For years, dr. brandt skincare has delivered transformative skincare solutions that make flaws virtually invisible, allowing you to shine as new and improved, “Brandt new” version of yourself.
The Laser Fx Series, a laser-focused line of custom skincare solutions inspired by dr. brandt’s patients, was invented in his lab, and backed by clinically proven results. Now, the power of dr. brandt skincare’s transformative in-office cosmetic dermatology laser procedures has been bottled in a line of three ultra-targeted serums.

What I immediately loved about these serums is that there are three to choose from and they each provide remedies for our skincare woes.

Dr. Brandt's skincare products promise to deliver programmed, focused results in an instant. With double the efficacy of traditional encapsulation, Dr. Brandt's products are the first-to-market technology that offers precise skin targeting, penetration, and efficacy. Each serum promises to deliver results in only 1-2 weeks of use.

laser Fx lift serum: After two weeks, skin will look lifted. By the third week of use, elasticity and suppleness are restored, and after just one month, the face contour will be visibly more defined.

laser Fx perfect serum: After one week skin will look plumper. In two weeks fine lines and wrinkles will diminish. Three weeks later skin texture will improve dramatically. By week four, skin will be transformed.

laser Fx bright serum: In one week skin will look brighter, and after the second week imperfections will look diffused. Three weeks in, dark spots and discoloration will fade. After four weeks of use, skin will visibly be more even and radiant.

I've been pretty good about wearing SPF beneath my makeup daily, and slathering it on my face when I'm out at the beach or pool, but I do have sun damage from past years and I also have acne scars, so I was most excited about using the brightening serum. And now that I'm approaching my 30's I was definitely interested in a serum that will lift and regain elasticity, as well as diminish and wrinkes (hi tiny lines popping up around my eyes).

laser Fx Lift Serum ($78): Your Target? Sagging skin. Tighten, firm, and redefine the face contour with encapsulated actives designed to jump start Fibroblast Activity. Infused with an exclusive Amino Acid Blend, Sweet Pea and Acmella Oleacera Extract, and Hexapeptides, this potent serum creates instant firming and tightening. In just one week, skin texture is improved.

laser Fx Perfect Serum ($78): Your Target? Fine lines and wrinkles. Forget wrinkles ever happened with this smoothing serum infused with Gotu Kola, Biomimetic Tri-Peptide, and Heptapeptide encapsulated actives. Instantly skin looks smooth and soft. After one week skin looks plumper.

laser Fx Bright Serum ($78): Your Target? Dark spots and dullness. Brighten skin while fading dark spots and evening tone with Encapsulated Vitamin C, Epidermosil, and Knotgrass Extract—a proven infrared and thermal aging fighter. With just one application skin looks instantly more luminous. For optimum results dr. brandt recommends to use UV protection SPF 30 daily such as BB Flexitone and avoid prolonged time of sun exposure.

I've been using these products for a week now and I've already started to notice improvements. I've noticed that my skin feels tighter and looks brighter. My dark spots are slowly disappearing too. My skin also feels more refreshed and quite soft.
I wash my face morning and night with face washes (and the occasional scrub) that contain salicylic acid (to treat and prevent breakouts), and this can make my face quite dry. I've noticed my face is a lot more hydrated now after using these products, which is a huge plus.
After I wash my face in the morning, I immediately apply the laser Fx bright serum. After that soaks into my skin (I give it about 20-30 min) I then apply my face moisturizer, primer + spf, and then my makeup.
At night, I wash my face and then immediately apply the laser Fx lift serum. I let that soak in a couple hours before bed, and when I'm ready for bed I then apply the laser Fx perfect serum.

The only con I've noticed is that my face has had a few more breakouts than usual, but I know that's due to the fact that I'm introducing new products into my routine, and my face always seems to break out a bit until it gets used to a new routine.

I'm really loving these products thus far, and I look forward to seeing even better results. Oh and p.s. they smell pretty amazing too! ;)

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Thank you to Dr. Brandt skincare for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try their Laser Fx products !


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