Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Enza Essentials

{my fave 3 products: Sustaining Cleanser, Pore Extraction Masque, & The Advanced Protection SPF 30}

I've reviewed quite a bit of beauty products on the blog, especially skincare treatments. Some have worked, some haven't, but overall I haven't found a skincare regime that really worked for my skin. That was, until I discovered Enza Essentials. I can honestly say that my skin has changed tremendously and is SO much better now that I've been using these Enza Essentials products. It feels softer, hydrated, and clearer.

I've always battled with acne, and as I've gotten older it's really subsided and I only get minor breakouts here and there. However, I always have stubborn blackheads around my nose and it seems like the only way to get rid of them is to extract them myself (which is a pain in the butt). I've also noticed that, as I get older, my skin is less oily and more dry, especially on my neck and forehead. My eyes are puffier too. I've found it hard to find a cleanser that will clear my skin and prevent breakouts, as well as hydrate and give me the deep clean I'm looking for. I've also found it hard to find a SPF that will protect my skin from harmful rays, but also hydrate and won't clog my pores. And when it comes to those minor breakouts it's hard to find a treatment that will get rid of the spots quickly without over-drying out or irritating the rest of my skin.

I told Enza Essentials all of my skincare woes, and they put together a skincare regime that is designed just for my skin. I thought to myself, "how cool is that? -- BUT, will it actually work?" After two weeks of using these products, I can honestly say that each product has worked AND has improved the look and feel of my skin tremendously. So much so, that I get excited before each use AND I even find myself skipping makeup most days because my skin looks that much better. That's why I was comfortable to even snap a couple pics above with zero makeup. ;) I especially loved that my regime came with a step-by-step treatment plan for day and night. It's easy to follow and makes me feel like I'm getting the special treatment from a dermatologist or spa.

*The Sustaining Cleanser restores my skin and is gentle enough to use twice a day. The lightweight gel lifts away makeup and the impurities of the day while replenishing my skin’s natural moisture. Licorice and chamomile smooth away dry cells and fine wrinkles. Brightening vitamins A and E rejuvenate tired skin. I love that only one pump of this cleanser is enough to lather up and give my skin a deep clean. My skin feels so soft immediately after use. It's one of my top 3 fave products.
*The Cool Sustaining Toner refreshes and brightens my skin. Witch hazel and calendula gently polish away oily build up and uneven skin tone while rejuvenating cucumber maintains moisture. It's ideal for normal to dry skin, advanced vitamin C complex Mag C helps restore my skin's natural glow. This toner makes me feel like I'm at the spa getting a facial. It's not harsh and all and immediately refreshes my skin.
*The Fine Facial Polish is a gentle and creamy scrub that doubles as a masque to polish away facial impurities and brighten my skin. Natural rice bran absorbs acne-causing oil while powerful salicylic acid exfoliates my pores, leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed. It's the gentlest facial scrub I'v ever used!
*The Pore Extraction Masque is one of my top 3 fave products. I really think it should be called the magic eraser for blackheads -- it's that good! It's rich in beta-glucans and it uses soothing oat flour to extract clogged pores that can lead to unsightly whiteheads and blackheads. After deep pore extraction, a cleansing, oil-free gel comprised of camphor and sulfur purifies the skin to reduce the appearance of large pores and prevent further acne breakouts. It's perfect for problem oily skin. I only use it on my nose twice a week and it does the trick!
*The Spot Extractor is awesome and is my husbands fave product (he admitted to being sneaky and using it on his breakouts!). This antimicrobial salicylic acid spot treatment treats pimples on contact. Witch hazel soothes and heals inflammation while camphor purifies and cleanses to prevent future acne breakouts. It's the perfect way to treat blemishes individually, without having to use a treatment on the entire face, which can often cause irritation. It's super gentle and I've found it to clear my blemishes in 1-2 days.
*The Advanced Protection SPF 30 (another one of my faves) is a dream come true. Finally an SPF that is hydrating, protecting, AND doesn't clog pores. I especially love that it's super thick, so you only need a small dab to cover your entire face. It isn't greasy either, which is a huge plus! It's a lightweight zinc oxide SPF 30 formula that contains octyl methoxycinnamate, an organic sunblock that naturally protects the skin. Rich emollients and vitamins A, C and E nourish and moisturize dry skin without leaving behind an oily, acne-causing build up.
*The Sustaining Glow Creme is carefully formulated with Mag C and co-enzyme Q-10 that promote circulation, stimulate collagen, while smoothing and firming the skin. It also brightens the natural glow of environmentally stressed skin while also revitalizing it. It combines glycoproteins derived from yeast as well as licorice and yucca extracts to polish away discoloration and early signs of aging while hydrating and brightening the skin. Natural plant squalane protects normal to dry skin. The Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) improves tone and texture and can speed production of collagen. It's like the fountain of youth in a bottle! I love how hydrated and refreshed my skin feels immediately after use.
*The Eyebright Intensive Eye Creme eliminates creeping crow’s feet, while also hydrating puffy/tired eyes. It's replete with clinically proven peptides and botanical extracts. It smooths fine lines and hydrates the delicate skin around the eye to erase early signs of aging. It's safe enough to use twice a day!
The Glycolic Serum is another product that makes me feel like I'm getting pampered at the spa. It sloughs off the day’s pollutants and dry skin with glycolic, malic and lactic acids blended together in a lightweight exfoliating serum. A touch of gentle squalane softens while glycoproteins, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E deeply hydrate and nourish exhausted skin. It's instant rejuvenation for the skin!
I'm excited to continue using these products and to continue to see improvements of my skin. It feels awesome to finally find skincare products that actually work. It's so hard for me to find a balance between hydrating, clearing/preventing breakouts, while also protecting/improving/restoring my skin all at the same time. These products do just that and I couldn't be more pleased.

*Enza Essentials gifted me the above products. However, all opinions are my own.


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