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Beautycounter Review

I'm always excited to share a beauty review with y'all, especially when the products are really good for your skin. A sweet reader (and Consultant of Beautycounter), reached out to me recently and introduced me to the brand. I had never heard of Beautycounter before, so I was eager to see what the brand was all about. Beautycounter is passionate about ensuring that each of their products is not only effective, but safe for all women and their families. I was shocked to read that over 1,300 ingredients have been banned from personal care products in the European Union. In the US, the federal government has banned only 11. There hasn't been a law passed regulating the $70 billion personal care industry since 1938!! Crazy, huh? At Beautycounter, there are 1,500 ingredients that will never be used. Every ingredient in their products has a function; nothing is used without careful consideration for efficacy and performance. No unwanted extras, no dyes, no mysteries. Each ingredient has a purpose. After reading all of this, I couldn't wait to try out some of Beautycounter's products.

First up was the Countertime Collection, which includes Soothing Face Wash, Enlightening Treatment Pads, Radiance Firming Complex, Uplifting Day Cream, Restorative Night Cream, and Vibrant Eye Perfection. All of these products help fight the signs of aging and are focused on hydrating, nourishing, firming, and lifting the skin. I loved how each of these products were gentle on my skin, yet they were all very effective. I especially loved how creamy the Soothing Face Wash was. Only a little amount was needed to create a rich bubbly lather.

The Enlightening Treatment Pads were another fave of mine. The pads contain Mixed Fruit Acid Complex and Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract that supply the skin with antioxidants while reducing the signs of aging. I love how these pads made my skin feel refreshed after each use, and after just two weeks of use I already noticed my pore size had decreased.

I also really loved the Restorative Night Cream. Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while Marine Extracts and Safflower Oleosomes work together to provide immediate and time-released hydration. The cream is super thick and instantly cooled my skin upon contact. My skin already feels smoother and more hydrated. This is definitely a product I look forward to using every night.

Next up: MAKEUP! :) My favorite part! The products: Tint Skin Foundation (in linen), Mattify Skin Finishing Powder, Lip Sheer (in Rose), Color Sweep Blush Duo (in Tawny/Whisper), and Color Define Brow Pencil (in Medium).

The Tint Skin Foundation and the Mattify Skin Finishing Powder are a dream! So light-weight, yet I still had the full coverage I crave. I only needed about a dime-size amount of the Tint Skin Foundation to cover my entire face. It really is like tinting your skin, instead of masking your entire face with a thick foundation. It containts hyaluronic acid, a natural moisture magnet, which promotes smoother-looking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
This is the first time I've tried a mattifying powder, and I was blown away! I wish I would've given a product like this a shot before, because it's so good! Living in Florida, where it's hot and humid the majority of the year, my skin craves easy makeup that won't look caked on. This is light-weight, and just like the Tint Skin Foundation, only a little bit of product is needed for full-coverage. I wasn't sure if the white color would lighten my skintone, but instead it blended nicely into my skin and helped to set my foundation. Both of these products give a sheer, no-makeup look -- which is what I think we all want, right?

The Color Sweep Duo Blush in Tawny/Whisper was the perfect pop of color for my cheeks! It's a nice mix of a warm tan with a hint of peach, and a soft peach with a hint of pink. It's designed to emulate naturally flushed cheeks, and I feel it did just that. The color looked super natural, yet really pretty and helped give my skin a nice glow.

I have to be honest, I haven't used another eyebrow product in a probably 3+ years. I'm pretty addicted to my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Kit, but lately I've been intrigued by the many pencils I'm seeing on a lot of the beauty videos I watch on YouTube. I was excited to try the Color Define Brow Pencil in Medium.
The product was super smooth and blended nicely. With just a few strokes I could already see how defined my brows were looking. I also really loved the Medium color. I felt it was the perfect shade for my dark blonde brows . The other end of the pencil contained a brow brush, which I loved, so I could brush off any excess and help give my brows that full and fluffy look. My brows looked full and defined, yet still natural.

I finished off my look with the Lip Sheer in Rose, and let me just say I am addicted to this lipstick! It's SO GOOD! The product is super light-weight (just like the other products) and it moisturizes and conditions my lips, leaving them soft and smooth. The color is sheer, yet buildable. Beautycounter created their Lip Sheers to have universally flattering shades to compliment each skin tone. I feel that couldn't be more true because, although I wouldn't have chosen this Rose color for myself, I thought it flattered my skin tone beautifully. Oh and the best part? It smells of yummy vanilla! And not synthetic, fake vanilla either! Just a sophisticated hint of vanilla planifolia!

Overall I have to say I was more than pleased with each of these products. They were all gentle, yet effective and the makeup was lightweight yet flattering. I also am obsessed with the packaging! I mean, how cute is the black and white striped blush and the gold striped lipstick tube? So pretty!
If you're a makeup lover, love to try out new products, or if you're in search of some products that are safe, gentle, and good for your skin then I highly recommend giving Beautycounter a shot. You will not be disappointed!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by a Consultant of Beautycounter, but all opinions are my own.

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