Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Philosophy Fragrances!

I am a huge fan of the philosophy brand (this moisturizer is the bomb dot com, y'all), so when I was given the chance to try out a couple of their newest fragrances I was totally game! It's not often that I add a new scent to my collection (which isn't very large), but I love trying out new ones. I'm usually drawn to the citrus and fruity scents, so I chose expressive and truthful. It's pretty cool how the scents I'm most drawn to happen to evoke the qualities that I feel represent me best.

The expressive scent is warm citrus with notes of Moroccan Orange Flower, Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, and Golden Amber. It's on the more subtle side (compared to the truthful scent). The scent does have a lot of warmth to it and out of the two scents it's one I would prefer to wear at night because of it's more sophisticated smell.

The truthful scent is fruity blossom with notes of White Magnolia Petals, Green Apple, and Spring Grass. It's definitely my favorite out of the two. It smells clean and fresh like rain and flowers. It's a scent I will reach for everyday. Though it is a tad stronger than the expressive scent, it's not over-powering, which is nice.

philosophy has 4 other scents to choose from: compassionate (creamy vanilla), empowered (cashmere woods), giving (sparkling musk), grateful (watery floral). I think if I had to choose two other scents to try it would be giving and grateful. I'm intrigued by the word "sparkling" in the scent description of giving and since grateful is described as "watery floral", I think it would smell a lot like truthful, which was my favorite.

Which my philosophy scent would you try -or- do you already have a favorite? I would love to know! Of course, if you can't make up your mind you can always get the Layering Collection.

Disclosure: philosophy gifted me these two fragrances, but all opinions are my own.


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