Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Scents With Thymes: Part 1

Thanksgiving is this week and I usually am patiently waiting to break out all of my Christmas decor until after Turkey Day, but this year I couldn't contain myself. Once I received these Gingerbread scents from Thymes I had a sudden itch to start my decorating early. Gingerbread is such a nostalgic scent and calls for cozying up by the fire with loved ones and of course, indulging in some holiday treats like Gingerbread! Every holiday season I'm stocking up on great scents that will enhance the holiday traditions in my home. Scents help get us in the holiday spirit and they help our homes feel extra cozy for the holidays. Thymes is known for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts and they take pride in curating every product and infusing touches of charm to make them truly special and unique. Their fragrances are crafted by chemists and perfumers, who blend nature, art and science to create outstanding products. They strive to create fragrances that balance familiarity and intrigue, rooted in botanical perfumery -- nature, refined with sophisticated air. Thymes unique formulations are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective and are a pleasure to use. The Thymes Gingerbread is a modern fragrance that's inspired by age-old traditions. It has warm spicy notes of cardamom, cinnamon, crystallized ginger and hints of golden amber. It's warm and inviting and just makes you feel like you're at home for the holidays. What's great about Thymes Candles (other than their intoxicating scents) is that they're made from natural food-grade paraffin wax, which helps for a clean burn. There's nothing worse than those expensive candles that don't burn evenly, leaving ugly wax build-up on the sides.

The Thymes ornament sachet is perfect for hanging on our tree, or even in our closet, or drawers in our bedroom. How cute would this be as a stocking stuffer or accompanied with a pretty bow on a present?

The Thymes Hand Washes are gentle, glycerin enhanced lather that cleans while moisturizes hands. The Thymes Hand Lotions are enriched with soothing shea butter, moisturizing glycerin and revitalizing vitamin E. They looks so pretty and festive too, and also serve as pretty decorations in your bathroom or kitchen!

The Thymes Reed Diffuser is perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms (especially for your guests!).

When the house is all decorated, one of our fave things to do is cozy-up on the couch, listen to Christmas music and read holiday books. Courtney loves the Thymes Gingerbread candle and always takes a big sniff when it's lit and says, "Mmmmm smells good, Mama!":)

Not finished with your holiday shopping or stumped on what to give that special someone? Thymes fragrances make for perfect holiday gifts! If you aren't sure what fragrance to get, the Thymes Sampe Set is a great way to explore different fragrances and find the perfect fragrance for your loved ones. Visit the Thymes website HERE and a promo code for a free Thymes Sample Set (a sample set of 14 fragrances) will be automatically applied to any order of $25 or more! You can also use promo code: TRADITION5!

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  1. You can't help but not get into the holiday spirit!!


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