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New Beauty Faves with BabbleBoxx

Summer is right around the corner and with the rising temps and high humidity my wardrobe is begging for light, airy pieces with bright colors and fun prints. When a new season approaches I'm all about incorporating new items into my closet, but I also look forward to introducing new beauty products into my daily regime. In the hotter months I'm all about light, breathable makeup and skincare products that are going to keep my skin looking and feeling great. My face makeup may be minimal, but y'all know I love my color, so a bold lip and fierce lashes are a must-have for me year round! Also, if I'm wearing makeup with lighter coverage, then I crave skincare products that will have my skin looking it's absolute best.

I recently received a fun beauty blossom box of goodies to try from BabbleBoxx. The majority of the products are from brands that I've never tried before, so I was stoked to finally get the chance to try them out. All of the products in this new box fit right into my beauty and skincare routine -- from morning to night! P.S. If you're a beauty lover you should definitely check out my previous BabbleBoxx post that I did back in February. There are some fab products in that post as well. ;)

First up in this new Babbleboxx is a product that I'm a huge fan of -- Vita Coco Coconut Oil. You may recognize the logo from the Vita Coco Coconut Water at the grocery store. Coconut Oil is a product I use daily and if you haven't introduced this into your beauty regime yet, I have a feeling you will after you read the many uses that this natural product has. Vita Coco Coconut Oil is 100% organic, unrefined, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil derived from fresh coconuts. Not only is this product great for beauty needs, but it's also good for you! You can use this product as a natural deodorant, as smooth shaving cream, makeup remover, hair conditioner and also as a soothing lip balm. My favorite ways to use this product are for oil pulling and as a facial cleanser. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it's great to use as a facial cleanser. Each morning I rub some on my skin and massage it into my pores. Then I place a hot washcloth on my face and I let the product seep into my pores for about a minute. Then I rub off the access oil and splash my face with cold water to close my pores up. Oil pulling is a great way to rid bacteria out of your skin by swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes each day. It also helps freshen breath and whiten teeth.

Next up is this Microdermabrasion Facial Cream by Dr. Brandt. I was excited to see this product because I have already tried some of Dr. Brandt's skincare line and was quite pleased. I love the Dr. Brandt brand because the products are not tested on animals. I also love that all of the packaging is made of recyclable materials. The Dr. Brandt brand wants every customer to feel beautiful and "to take the doctor home with you." Every product is dedicated to helping you achieve more beautiful, younger looking skin. This Microdermabrasion Facial Cream was an instant fave for me. It contains aluminium oxide crystals, lactic acid and smoothing botanical. These are the same ingredients that are used in micordermabrasion procedures in a medical office, so really do feel like you are getting treatment from a doctor in your own home. It polishes away dead skin cells, renewing dull skin and even helps to smooth the appearance of skin texture. This is a must-have when prepping for that fresh faced, less is more makeup look that we all crave in the summer-time. Pssst! Get 15% off your purchase w/ code: BABBLE16!

Next was a new product from a brand I have never tried before: the Renew Me Restoring Serum by the European Wax Center. I love a good facial serum and this one is SO good. I use this product in the morning and at night after I cleanse. It contains a patented emulsion technology and a signature Comfort Blend™. This fast-acting serum restores stressed skin by replenishing it with necessary nutrients, while also calming irritation and redness. It also contains a blend of powerful antioxidants that help defend against harsh environmental stress and other skin-aging factors.

Now on to makeup... (my favorite part)

If there's one makeup product I can't live without it is most definitely mascara -- and a good one at that! I've tried countless brands and just about every type of mascara wand there is on the market, but I really only had one mascara that I felt really made my lashes look the best. I always love to try new makeup, mascaras included, so when I saw this Superhero mascara by IT Cosmetics I was excited. IT Beauty creates clinically proven, innovative problem-solving makeup and skin care products that harness cutting edge, anti-aging technologies and high perfrmance, skin-loving ingredients to help you look and feel your very best. I've only tried one other product by IT Cosmetics (this under eye concealer -- which is so good!), so I had a feeling that this mascara would be just as good as my current fave mascara. BUT, I was SO wrong! It's actually BETTER than my fave, which I really couldn't believe. This mascara definitely lives up to it's name because it made my lashes feel like they had superhero powers. My lashes looked longer and fuller with just a couple swipes. If there's one product in this entire box that was my top fave it is definitely this mascara!

Another eye product that I love and I feel doesn't get enough love is a good brow highlighter and this one by European Wax Center is another new fave. It's called Oh My Brow! and it made my eyebrows pop!! It comes in one, universally flattering shade: Pearl. All you do is apply it along the brow bone and above your arch, then blend in with the sponge end.

This is my first time trying makeup by Butter London and to be honest, I didn't even know they had makeup. I guess I was hiding under a rock or something, but I only thought they did nail polishes. I am SO glad I had a chance to try some of their makeup because I fell hard for all three of these products: the Plush Rush liner, the Plush Rush plumping lipstick and the Plush Rush lip gloss. Pssst get 20% off your first purchase with code: BabbleBoxx2016!!
If I'm going for a bold lip then a good lip liner is a MUST! This Plush Rush Liner in "Really Rose" has a plumping effect that lines perfectly without feathering or bleeding. It reduces wrinkle and adds volumes (hence the word "Plush" in the name). It's dual ended with built-in brush for line softening and blending.

I LOVE this Plush Rush plumping lipstick! Not only is the color Fab (which also happens to be the name of this shade), it also stays put all day! This lipstick has a plumping effect that stimulates collagen production for fuller, firmer lips. Immediately after I put this lipstick on I could tell that my lips looked fuller. The formula is nice and creamy and it didn't dry out my lips at all. In fact, they actualy felt moisturized the full day of wear (even without the lip gloss). The black tube is super sleek and it's even magnetic, so no worrying about the cap coming loose or falling off in your makeup bag. I can't wait to try out some other lipsticks from Butter London because this one is so good!

This Plush Rush lip gloss in "First Kiss" felt so good on my lips that I wanted to keep applying it all day. Just like the lip liner and the lipstick, it also has a plumping effect which stimulates hyaluronic synthesis to enhance lip shape. I instantly saw fullness in my lips after applying. This gloss is super shiny and it also gave my lips a soothing tingling sensation. The formula is not too thick and it felt nice and smooth (not sticky).

Now on to the final set of products all from Village Naturals aromatherapy 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Calm Lavender-Chamomile Body Soak, and Calm Lavender-Chamomile Double Butter Bath Bombs. All three of these products are perfect for a relaxing hot bath after a long (and super busy) week. Each product is paraben and cruelty free, and contains the highest quality of ingredients for the most beneficial relaxing and therapeutic experience. Each formula is enriched with skin-loving ingredients infused with re-vita complex, which is Village Naturals' signature antioxidant-rich blend to restore and rejuvenate the skin. Go here for a $1 off coupon!

So, what do y'all think of all these products? Have you tried any of them before? Do you have a fave brand featured in this post? If you have any must-have beauty products that are perfect for the summer-time I would love to know!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media, but all opinions are my own.

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