Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Gift Baxter This Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner and this year I gifted my hubby one of his presents early. Although my husband, Justin, is grateful no matter what I give him I always strive to find him something that I know he will love and USE. That's key when it comes to shopping for guys. There have been times I've purchased him clothing that I really liked (and he wasn't so into) and it just sat in his closet. Or there was the time I purchased him some skincare products for the shower and the scent was a little too much for his liking.

This year I thought long and hard about gifts that he not only needed, but that he would get excited about using. Among them was a new suitcase (that is light-weight, has wheels AND is a backpack -- more on that later), a new pair of Ray-Bans (his fave mirrored pair is scratched) and the Baxter of California Shave Products. Let's face it, men shave practically every day and it's just as important for them to protect their skin, as much as we girl's want to protect ours. They're shaving their FACES, so it's even more important that they use products that work! I've purchased countless of shave kits from numerous brands through the years and they've either broken his skin out, or just left his skin feeling irritated. He was slightly reluctant to try some new products, but was instantly surprised by the results and now he looks forward to using them everyday. He even talks jokes to himself in the mirror when putting them on, as if he's in an commercial (such a dork).

The Baxter Shave Duo Kit has sleek packing, so I'm all about leaving it displayed on the bathroom counter. ;) But more importantly, these products deliver! The Super Close Shave Formula won Allure's Best of Beauty Award, so that alone tells you it's pretty bomb. It's super hydrating and glides on smooth. It's coconut-derived formula protects the skin, while also helping you to achieve a close shave without irritation. It's antiseptic and botanical extracts (menthol and tea tree oil) are refreshing and soothing to the skin (which my husband loves). The Shave Tonic is great because you can use it two ways! Either pre-shaving with a hot towel, or post-shaving with a cold towel. You can even use it without a towel by spraying it directly to the face. Like the Super Close Shave Formula, the tonic also helps you to achieve the best shave possible. contains natural essential oils -- a combination of menthol, rosemary, eucalyptus, camphor and spearmint. All of these act as a toner to help protect the skin pre or post shave. The product is also fortified with essential nutrients like aloe extract and vitamins E, D that provide great moisture for the skin (something my husband always looks for with shave products). The final product is the After Shave Balm. This is my husband's FAVORITE of all! You apply it to the face and neck post-shave and it helps to soothe and protect the skin from irritation, dryness and razor burn. It's alcohol-free (yess!) lotion is cooling to the skin and conditions the skin as it relieves sensitivity after shaving. It's loaded with tea tree oil, glycerin, alove vera, and allantoin that hydrates and nourishes freshly shaved skin. My husband couldn't stop raving about how it made his skin tingle. He loves the formula! If there's one product you treat your dad or husband to this Father's Day it should be this or the Shave Duo Kit.

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