Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Kleenex Style

To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you love. And maybe even a few that’ll take you by surprise.

Whether you’re decorating at home or adding a pop of color to your clutch, Kleenex® has you covered.

I recently purchased a few Kleenex® boxes that had eye-catching prints that really resonated with the style of my home and my personal style. I chose designs that are eclectic, colorful, have awesome prints, and have a bit of a vintage-vibe to them.

It's cold season and if you have a little one like me, you know that once their little noses start to run they just don't stop. Usually I have a Kleenex® box hiding in a cabinet or tucked away somewhere on the kitchen counter, but that was before I discovered the fun prints that Kleenex® created. Now my Kleenex® boxes fit right into my home decor.

90 Years Of Style: Some Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Kleenex
- Kleenex has been in the MOMA twice!
- Kleenex invented Social in 1941 with a campaign called True Confessions
- Kleenex started out as facial tissue for removing makeup.

Who knew a Kleenex® decorative tissue box could look so chic?

Now the fun part! Watch this Kleenex video to see if everyday people could spot the Kleenex® brand style, then test your own fashion sense with the "Catwalk or Kleenex?" game for a chance to win $5,000 and a trip to NYC then get a coupon to save on your favorite Kleenex® brand designs!
After clicking this link, click on the “sweeps” tab in the top right corner of the page. Then click “Play to Enter”.

Thanks to Kleenex® for sponsoring today's post.


  1. Thank you for these beautyfull pictures!
    Nice pieces!and nice Kleenex inspiration!
    have a fab weekend my dear!

  2. So in love with your style! Clicking over from linqia:

  3. Stopping by via Linqia - I love all of the unique pieces in your home! - J


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